A Turning Point

In 2011, Ryan, a seasoned leader in community development, found himself at a crossroads. Two decades of empowering communities had brought him to a familiar place, the birthplace of a community initiative that once held great promise. However, news of squandered funding, a faltered project, and a dispersed community team greeted him, leaving valuable resources deemed “irrelevant,” and reflective records vanished.

Rather than succumbing to disappointment, Ryan decided to turn adversity into inspiration. Rallying leaders with whom he had previously collaborated, they forged a visionary plan known as ‘Hands.’ The mission was clear: to create a central hub for intra-provincial NGOs, fostering needs-based volunteer sharing and ensuring resilient succession management. The ultimate goal was to breathe new life into abandoned impactful initiatives, with a focus on managing resources for maximum efficiency and positive impact.

Months were dedicated to meticulously crafting the strategies and documentation for Hands. Yet, challenges emerged. The original team had moved on, seeking stability, and the field of web development, pivotal to their aspirations, was still in its infancy.

Undeterred, Ryan clung to the flame of the Hands dream. Instead of being disheartened, he saw an opportunity to start small and take continuous steps toward assembling a skilled, trainable, and value-driven team that remained loyal to the vision. Together, they began developing the software infrastructure to connect NGOs globally in a meaningful way.

The journey was fraught with challenges and trials. The team faced the dual tasks of rebuilding what was lost and navigating the uncharted waters of a nascent field. The once-impossible vision began to materialize, fueled by an exceptional and growing team, as well as what some might call divine inspiration and favor.

Today, as the technology and strategic blueprints unfold, the most exciting part of the journey is about to begin. Ryan’s story resonates with social impact entrepreneurs embarking on their own early-stage startup journeys. It speaks of resilience in the face of setbacks, the importance of assembling a dedicated team, and the belief that even the most ambitious dreams are achievable with continuous effort and unwavering commitment.

So, to all the social entrepreneurs out there, remember: your journey, much like Ryan’s, is a tapestry of challenges, triumphs, and unwavering determination. The most thrilling part of your adventure is on the horizon, waiting to unfold. Embrace the path you’re on, for it is in the challenges that your seeds of legacy germinate.

For more stories relating to our breakthroughs, failures and growth as a company you can read our blog.

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