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Legacy Live understands that each client has a unique design and brand vision. 

When it comes to brand, we make use of our own curated network of designers. We offer our clients free consultations that allow our skilled consultants to match them with the ideal designer.

Legacy Live then provides SOP-driven quality assurance to ensure that all designs uphold best design standards and that it speaks directly to your target market.

Brand development


From language to be used, to colours and style, every form of communication contributes to the brand. The more intentional you are, the more consistent, memorable and relatable your brand will be. This is why we have invested a considerable number of years in developing clear guidelines, templates and road maps for effective branding.

Our service offering includes everything pertaining to developing and refining your brand, and have staff members specifically dedicated to this task.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a culmination of design, research and strategy. The first step is to identify the market share for which you are the best fit. This is also the market you are most passionate about. Once that share is identified and thoroughly researched, the rest is simple.

We then develop goals and targets based on your business. A marketing strategy is then designed to run on autopilot whereby your role will be simply to respond to client interactions. After 6 months we will then do a thorough review of this marketing strategy to make adjustments that will improve results by one hundred-fold.

Digital marketing may include setting up automated social media posts, blogs, YouTube vlogs, Podcasts, Email funnels and Funnel landing pages. After 6 months of organic reach we will then recommend a paid advertising strategy to complement your marketing strategy.

Start with a fully developed and understood concept. Often this process itself inspires new business ideas in our clients.
Who's looking? Where is it displayed? You have optimal impact when you tailor-make your deign for context.
Whether you want to drive learning or action, make the most of every design and inspire change.
This is you. This is consistency. This is reliability. Every design must align with your identity. Crisp. Clear. Repeat. That's how you stand out.
DIY Graphic Designer

How to do it yourself

To be a designer yourself you need a grasp of artistic principles: space, colour, weight, texture, contrast, harmony, movement, focal points…

Fortunately there are great apps and tools that take care of a lot of this for you. Where we use PhotoShop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Blender, proven branding templates and our premium image database, you can use freely available products like Fontpair.co for choosing the perfect font pair, Coolors.co for generating a great colour pallet, Pexels.com for  great stock images, and Canva.com for making designs using pre-designed templates.

Investing some time in these tools (and others), you can create your own graphic design and branding work while learning transferable design skills. Using a professional service, however, allows you greater flexibility to fully express what you want, professionally and impactfully. Now you know and you can make an informed decision.

What you do need

YOU NEED a designer who will take the time to understand your brand, your target market, your Why. Someone who will work on your product until you are satisfied with it. You need someone who cares about the legacy of you & your business

What you don't need

YOU DON'T NEED a designer who will take over and change your brand, leaving you confused about what you really wanted. You also don't need someone who needs you to inspire them before they can produce something of value.

Design that comes aLive

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